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Dance Pavilion info

Age limit 18 years. Be prepared to prove your age.

A-rights and Krouvin Brewery's own Sahti.

The price of a dance ticket is 18 €, unless otherwise stated in the dance program.

Dances start at 7 pm. Women's search from 11 pm to midnight, otherwise mixed search.


We reserve the right to make changes to the program and ticket prices and conditions.


Krouvi's dance packages

Includes accommodation, breakfast, program ticket (value € 18), evening and morning sauna and swimming:

  • In the room 56 € / person, room for one + 20 €, includes bed linen

  • In the barn 43 € / person, barn for one + 15 €, does not include bed linen


Caravan dance package

  • 2 € discount on dance ticket, includes evening and morning sauna



Accommodation reservations

only by phone on 0400 497 768 - thank you!

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