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Krouvi buses

On most dance evenings Krouvi buses are available from Joutsa, Hartola, Lahti and Heinola:

Joutsa–Hartola–Krouvin Lava (return):

8 pm Joutsa bus station

8:30 pm Hartola Wanha matkis

Pick up from Linna Hotelli, if ordered

Koskenniemi road cross E75

Stops along the way.

Return leaves around 1:30 am, same route backwards.

Bus and dance pavilion ticket 26 € (when dance pavilion ticket is normal 18 €)

Pricing of the bus drive only given in the bus.

Joutsa–Hartola -transportation driven by Samuli Haarasilta,


Sysmä–Krouvin Lava:

8 pm departure from Sysmä bus station

8:05 pm Sysmän Camping

Driving via Kalho village way, stops along the way.

Bus is free for Camping Sysmä visitors, for others 5 € / person

Sysmä–Krouvi -transportation driven by Järvisen Liikenne Oy,


Prices may change if the entrance fee or bus fee changes.


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